Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well, I started a little frenzy saying my hubby will be in the background tonight - 'shirtless'!!!!  With his permission - here he is.  Now this is a tale to all of you out there to wear sunscreen or you might end up with a runway on your back too.  The funny thing was he took his shirt off, wrapped it around his head to protect him from the sun (that stripe is where the T-Shirt dangled)  but didnt think what it would do to his back!!
If you want to see all the before and after pics of this ep go to the link at The LifeStyle Channel

On another note, I do have to thank a few people up in Port Douglas.  (If you want to know all the suppliers of the show, go to the link earlier) Of course the owners and their family were fantastic and worked so hard the whole time and their daughter organised for us to do a trip with HABADIVE snorkeling tour after the make-over. 
This was so greatly appreciated as every single person, except a certain some-one who was working on his tan (cough cough Andrew Winter ), worked to exhaustion on this makeover.  As most of us were from Sydney and Melbourne we couldn't believe the humidity  and how it depleted you.  We had planned some nice dinner evenings after the make-overs but after sometimes 12hr days, no-one could bare having to socalize.  
Then there is Phil and the team at Century21 in Port Douglas, they were the most accommodating group of people and I have been tweeting with them ever since (@portdouglas21 )
I also have to say a big big thanks to Tom from Oceanic Art Gallery who allowed me to borrow the most amazing and precious aboriginal art to create a truly amazing makeover for this episode.
Port Douglas Beach
The community in Port Douglas we totally behind us the whole time we were there and cannot speak highly of them all.
The tourist industry was already suffering up North from the GFC but with the news of floods and cyclones people think that they should stay away.  Well I can tell you it is just as beautiful now as always and was very lucky to miss most of the brunt of the the cyclone.
So if you are thinking of taking a holiday PLEASE go to Port Douglas and enjoy the beauty that it has!

I would love to hear of your experiences of Far North Queensland  and if you plan to go what you would like to see.  The list of bars, restaurants, day trips is huge so I wont bore yo with them - share here so everyone can see the great places to go.
Thank you everyone!!!
Here are a couple of behind the scene shots as well

Left - Me, Jeremy or 'The Human Ladder' (researcher) & the lovely Di (my assistant)
The owners sealed the doors 'before' they moved out the furniture. This is the producer, sound man and the camer man on the other side catching the couch.
The crew taking a welcome break from the heat!


  1. I *loved* this episode. The make over was nothing short of a miracle. I loved the fresh beach feel you gave the place. I feel for the blue and white that Charlie did. I have even been desperately trying to convince HUBBY to let me buy one of the paintings you used in the episode. I love it all! Well done!

  2. Thank you!! Tell your hubby it is a beautiful investment piece that will give you joy in the home. I love this style of aboriginal art!

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