Sunday, May 24, 2009

knitting as an artform?

With the economic climate and a need to turn inward a surgance in the crafts has emerged in the past 12 months. Although ahead of its time, a bar in Smith Street, Melbourne held knitting nights that was definatly welcome to anyone from 18 upwards and brought the cool back into knitting. Knitting isnt new, although the origins and beginnings are sketchy and it has the stamp of being a hobby, but there are some amazing pieces of art from the medium of knitting. I love the fact you can use something as simple as a pieceof wool and a couple of sticks and produce something amazing. What does this have to do with interiors? Thinking outside the square. Look at the sculpture that can be made from something that is traditionally for fashion and think of basic things on hand that you can turn into a masterpiece.

Behind the scenes

This week I was putting together a makeover video for my website and Vanessa from Wildberry just couldnt help but capture my concentration! I don't know about you but I always wonder about what goes on behind the scenes in the big movies. Knowing the amount of detail and organising that goes on for my little videos, the mind boggles what happens for a feature length movie. After finally watching "Australia" by Baz Lurhmann (which I loved!) I found this behind the scenes video.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, it was an extremely excited and overwhelmed Drew of Perth, Western Australia when he was phoned by Shaynna and given the fantastic news that he had won the La Germania Cooker!

This was Drew's reaction.

What makes this entry a great winner, is that Drew and his wife spent many weekends actually sewing the giant frog's legs, so their dedication and creativity has really paid off !

Congratulations Drew from all the team at, and also a very special thankyou to our generous sponsor SAMPFORD IXL who donated this wonderful prize.

Keep checking back to for more sensational opportunities to win some amazing prizes.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Influences from your magazines

Inside/Out Magazine and wallpaper breaking all the rules
House and Garden bold moves
I attended a fantastic seminar on Friday May 1st at Designex called Vision & Influence and the speakers talked about what their influences were and questioned on how the media influences the content of each edition of their magazine. Attending was Karen McCartney from Inside/Out magazine, Lisa Green from Aust House and Garden, Sandy de Beyer from Burke's Backyard, Imogen Naylor from Belle and MC was John Eussen. Each magazine has a completely different demographic and output, but the common thread was listening to the feedback of their readers. Each magazine is driven themselves by what they want to see and their 'gut' instinct, what is available from manufacturers to produce this and definitely the economic situation. Not that they are predicting doom and gloom, but are instead going back to basics and looking at ways of not being the disposable society we have become. And that can only be a good thing!

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