Monday, April 26, 2010


After a four hour drive (with our stop to Benalla) we passed our first winery, trail of Autumn leaves were beginning, but what made us stop was a fence made of bikes.
Bike riding to Bright is not a simple task but there is a disused rail line called the Murray Mountain Rail Trail that has been turned into a bike track. I wonder if this fence is made from some of those that didn't quite make it?
We made it to our accomodation - The Odd Frog with two choc frogs to greet us and our food fest had begun.

A ten minute walk into to town and we walked the streets to find a restaurant to celebrate our 10yr wedding anniversary for the evening. Most were closed on a slow Thursday so our only options were a small cafe or cuisine at Simones, who by the way has two chef hats.
'We are expensive', was our introduction to an inquiry if they were open. Yes, it was but hey 10 years married is a bit of a milestone in these times so 'expensive Simone's' it was. Dinner booked and now to fill the rest of the day.

The beauty of Bright is everywhere you turn is a park or outdoor area more stunning and inviting than the next. Opposite Simone's we stepped into the boutique Bright Brewery and decided on a sample tray of their beers. Seeing as though I hate beer I had a sip of each and left the tasting to my husband. What made the bitter taste more palatable was the view of the weeping trees, oaks and if you have kids, they can play on the fort-like playground as you watch from the outdoor bench seats.
Back to room to get ready we used the telescope on the suspended balcony but didn't need it as we were almost at arms reach of the local kangaroos.
Relaxed and ready for the the evening we made it to Simone's and luck be it a food critic was on the next table so we also got the best food and best service possible.
Verdict - expensive, but definitely worth it. (Oh, and lucky we went there as I was surprised with a diamond ring for our anniversary - wouldn't have been so glamorous in a small cafe!)


Deciding to travel to Bright, Victoria for a 5 day break turned into a discovery of delights that had my husband and I both saying "why haven't we been here before" & "sometimes the best places are right in your own back yard". Traveling the big wide world is an exciting and adventurous time but how well do you know your own country?

Our goal was a 4 hour drive to Bright with no stops and 'get us there fast'. But 2 hours into the trip we were starving and needed the ol' toilet break. Much to my husbands initial disgust I talked him into turning off to Benalla (which would take an extra 10kms out of our way). "Quick stop and we are out"- was the call from both of us. What we didn't expect was how beautiful it was.
With an unusual 25 degree Autumn day streaming through our windows it wasnt hard to be enticed by the local Botanical gardens as it blinded us with red roses, mature trees and a playground to envy any major town park. The locals were making the most of the sun and gorgeous parks so we got into the spirit and walked around the rose garden, found a monument to 'Weary' Dunlop and decided it was worth finding a nice cafe and stay for lunch. As we crossed the bridge a large public space rose from the river bank and made us feel we were being transported to Spain. The literature we found had no hint of a Guadi influence but the sinuous lines of the structure felt a world away from country Benalla.
A community project that is a work in progress since 1983 was adorned in handmade tiles picturing fishes, reptiles, local flora and its many nook and crannies were a delight to discover.

Opposite we noticed the local art gallery with a cafe on the balcony, so the venue for lunch was decided.
Another unexpected delight was not only the view but the menu filled with dishes made from locally made produce and this quick lunch had now turned into a feast.
We hadn't officially started our holiday but already my shoulders were relaxed, not scrunched to my ears and my husband had thrown the schedule out the window.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What a fantastic morning I had with the girls on The Circle today! If you thought there were laughs on the screen you should have seen it when we weren't on air. My lips are sealed!
I was invited on today (Tuesday 13th April) to talk about fun things for kids.

I think kids make a lot of their own fun and are always looking for ways to be inspired (even though they don't always know it) so I looked for things to bring on the show that I thought would not only stimulate visually, but give kids either an outlet to create or to give them reason to 'dream'.

Even though this Castle and Rocking chair are for the kids, we had way too much fun putting them together and painting them. I hope the kids in your house get the chance to play with these! The chair can take up to 40 kilos in weight which means it could last them all through Primary School!

These bright and colourful rugs are from the Funhouse Range from

These rugs are the perfect 'decor' starter for a kids room. The rugs can set the theme and then all you simply need to do is add a bright doona with some of the colours in the rug, and you have a new room the same day!

Wall decals have come a long way over the past year and these removable decals really struck me as the pictures were so unusual and quirky! I thought the one on the left was perfect for kids to either help them count sheep to sleep, with numbers added gradually as they sleep in their own bed, or for any other use to give a positive effect in your child's room.

And last but not least these beautiful lamps. I could have called them bedside lamps but I think they can be put in so many different places of a room. High on a shelf, under the window, sitting amongst the soft toy collection, but most of all it should be placed in a spot your child can see perfectly from their bed. There is something serene and magical about these lamps that I think will soothe a child back to sleep from a nightmare or as they are first trying to sleep, and help conjour beautiful dreams as their imagination goes wild.

So there you go, a children's room isn't just about pink or blue but a place of excitement, inspiration and the beginnings of wonderful childhood memories :)

And if you want to know where to get the gorgeous bracelet and necklace I was wearing, click here for Canix Jewellery.
Stunning pieces!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am honored to be one of the five judges of the
REECE INNOVATIONS AWARDS that inspires designers to come up with a unique design for the bathroom. Whether you are a professional, student or tertiary student this is a great competition to be part of.
Not only do you win a major cash prize but are given the support to have your product manufactured and sold through Reece.

Click onto past winners to see the quality and high standards that have been reached through this amazing competition!
I look forward to seeing the entries in the near future and good luck to you all!!


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