Sunday, January 17, 2010


The beach is a place to have a holiday, relax, go swimming, play with your families but it also has incredible visuals with its dramatic sunrises and sunsets and powerful storms. The beach has all parts of the colour wheel with its warm reds and oranges and cooling blues and greys.

It is easy to go over board when introducing a beach scheme to your home so take it slow and look for one element first for your inspiration.
Sand inspired colour scheme

Shells in your lighting

Coral -Lamp from MRDhome
Use this as a base to build your scheme around. Be careful not to try and re-create all the elements of the beach in one room as it will be in danger of being cluttered and tacky.
See my video for more tips to create that 'beach feel' in your home


Renting can make you feel transient and not feeling like you belong but -'Where ever we lay our hat -it has to be home'. When you are renting you can feel restricted by the do's and don't's of your rental agreement, leaving fear about doing anything at all to personalise your home. It is all about thinking 'off the wall' and creating a space that makes you happy whether you own it or not.

Invest in lighting that is all about texture and shadows.
Easels to give you freedom to put your artwork anywhere
Fresh flowers and plants not only for their looks but their added fragrance and calming presence
Click onto this video for more tips on decorating - there is even something in there for your landlord!!


I don't know about you but when I come back from a holiday I want keep the holiday going and surround myself with the 'essence' of my trip. Not happy with just photos I like have a souvenir or two around BUT it is easy to get carried away.

This bathroom makeover is all about keeping the modern elements of the home but introducing some Asian inspiration into the decorations and final feel. Without a huge budget I took a bathroom from

It is all about selecting a few pieces that are reminders of the culture you loved to give you a great bathroom, rather than looking at snow globes and picture postcards.
Have a look at this video for easy tips on re-creating some holiday magic in your home

Friday, January 15, 2010


When renovating a kitchen for the first time it can be daunting looking at the price tag. The cost of benches, cupboards, applicances, electrics, plumbing can literally blow your budget out of the water. Anywhere you can save money has got to be a bonus. Look at these 'clever' ways to save a bit of money. and by using recycled timbers or gaining a kitchen that otherwise would end in land fill you are doing your bit for the environment.
Rupert Blanchard is doing some works for a large 3 story Victorian conversion and well - they obviously are going for the quirky angle.

If you are looking for a more finished and upmarket look you can buy and sell online. Get rid of your kitchen and buy some one else's, or buy ex-showroom displays. Yes a bit like e-bay except they specalise just in kitchens. One such company is If this isnt in your country I am sure you can find one on a google searchNow this is recycling your kitchen in a whole new way. Built by 2012 Architechten in cooperation with Jeanne van Heeswijks of Jeanworks, the structure is a modern statement alongside the traditional architecture of Utrecht, Vlaardingen and Amsterdam. The Sustainable Sky Box serves as a multi-purpose space for cultural activities
And when you are de-cluttering why not give your utensils, pots and pans to an artist and see what they come up with! London Artist Subodh Gupta, created this skull sculpture for the Frieze art fair in London but is just one of his large collection
And for that touch of elegance there is alwasy the wine glass chandelier. Glasklasen is a genuine product of Swedish art industry, designed by a team of two architects - Gunnar Cedervall and Björn Stillefors - and an industrial designer - Jörgen Pudeck. The wine glasses are to to be used, then washed and put back - a certain conversation piece!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Keep in touch with your family. Remind you of an important date. Keeping memories alive.
Whatever your need is for a noticeboard think outside the average square!

Imagine your comments come straight from a comic book strip. Magnetic chalk bubble board to introduce a little fun.
Keep them hanging on a string with a Sarshi board
Your fridge is but a canvas, with magnetic photo frames from Fridgi

Removable chalk notice board on your mirrored wardrobes is easy and a fun way to get your reminders everyday!

Want to know more? -see my youtube channel


2010 and we want to know what colours to put in our house. The beginning of this decade is all about being bold and splashing colour in your home. Safe neutrals will always be in fashion but be daring and take a leap this year in colour. The easiest and cheapest way to put colour in your home? CUSHIONS

Sunburnt Orange warms a cold interior. Look for ways to introduce texture such as these knitted cushions from Luna Gallery

A Squeeze of Lime at the showroom of Designers Guild in London

Sunflower Yellow cushions made from fabric available from Grant Dorman, jump from the Veleveteen bedlinen from Kylie At Home

Tips on how to introduce cushions in your home? Go my YouTube channel for tips!

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