Sunday, May 30, 2010


I don't need to say much on this post - I will let the pictures from these paper artists do the talking.
Below pics from offbeatearth

Incredible buildings - Below pic from Glory Box

3-D paper models by Bert Simons
Delicate hangings by Chris Natrop
Magnificent Sculptures by Richard Sweeney

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I travelled to Sydney in April to attend DesignEX 2010 and saw so many wonderful products and displays that truly inspired me. So today (May 21st) on The Circle Ch 10 I shared with the girls (and the rest of Australia!) a couple of award winners that truly caught my eye.

Caesarstone -Motiva
Winner Category - Internal Surface Finishes
First company to use a quartz surface with laser technology. The design is lasered into the surface then sandblasted in the grooves. It can be used for a walls, furniture, benches and of course kitchens. When using in kitchens it must comply with the Building Code of Australian Standards. At this time it comes in the Black Crocodile design and the White Lace design.

Skape Tub by Karim Rashid for Xflo
Winner Category - Bathrooms
The tub is made of a Liquid Acrylic Resin tub to help create perfectly shaped curves and its unique seamless finish. The Skape Tub is stain resistant, antibacterial and it is designed to look like the base is growing out of the main surface.

Liquid Tiles for Academy Tiles
Winner category - flooring
These tiles are made from non-slip tempered glass and have been created using high tech-Aerospace technology! Like a surface Lava lamp with colour changing LED's, these tiles are perfect to walk, jump, or bust a move on the dance floor.

Now DesignEX isn't just about the awards, there are some off-the-wall installations (I will be posting soon a brilliant video and pics of one of the design areas soon) and other products.
Here are just a few of interest.

Real Feather wallpaper and rusted mirror
Not all serious business! Gnomes with attitude.
Catching up with 'friends' (I wish!) Jamie Durie
Custom design rugs by Hip Home. Perfect "splat"s to hide the mess in life! Nothing like 'Designer-splat'!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Tranquil river in the heart of Bright
Front of Boynton's Feathertop Winery, and well we did have to sample their hospitality.
I am so grateful Bright has the most stunning scenery to explore on foot and bikes as there is so much food and wine to explore that you have to keep active to work it all off!
We walked to town , rode the Mountain trail (which happened to end up at a Feathertop winery- of course!) and finished our arduous day with an in-house massage, stoked the open fire, played cards and enjoyed the peace.

Riding the bike trail
It's easy to get lost in the grand scenery, but don't forget to look down.
You never know what you might see!

The last morning we had a long breakfast with the morning papers (yes we did it hard didn't we) and I took myself off to explore the local shops while hubby rode his bike to get his fix of local football.
The shops were a great mix of craft, lollies, kids toys but the shop that sticks in my mind the most was Country Tales book store. It IS what every bookstore should be. Rows and rows of books with lots of little stands showing favourite books with individual reviews. Once I had my selection and went to the counter the girl behind the counter was so enthusiastic, knew the books I picked up (and everyone else who came to the counter) and talked about how much she loved them that I couldn't wait to sit under a tree and get lost in them. She had just opened the store 5 days before and her passion filled the shop and rubbed off on everyone that entered. I do hope you get to Bright and her store as I haven't had such a wonderful retail experience like that in a long time!

Go to the Country Tales Book Store and ask for Sally, she is gorgeous!!

So that is our 3 day adventure in Bright, Parts 1&2. I hope you get to this magical part of Victoria as it has put a spell on my husband and I and we are planning to go back again next year.

P.S. I didn't ask the outcome of the local footy, but to my defense he didn't ask about my shopping either ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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The thing I love about Twitter is there are so many wonderful people out there sharing. I have stumbled across some fantastic blogs simply from people posting a link. Today I discovered 'Bloglovin' which has a huge list of different blogs on fashion, design and photography. So grab a tea or coffee and I hope you discover something interesting today!

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