Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shopfronts to inspire

Through the looking glass
Do you go into a shop because you need something? Want something? Or just purely inspired by what you see from the street? With the speed internet shopping has steam-rollered its way into the retail market it is even more relevant that the art of window dressing is not lost. I put retail merchandising and window dressing in two different categories. Merchandising is about the push of the product and purely about sales, but window dressing now there is is where the creative mind lies. In one day of walking the London suburbs I came across very different types of window dressing and all made me want to see more. Unfortunately a couple of shops were closed and I may never get there again but just by me telling you, could be enough for you to want to walk through the door and support these shops.
All Saints
Osbourne & Little

Vive La rose
Moosh Cafe

Through the looking glass, Antwell, East London-Through the looking glass was all about the Alice reference but the cheeky placement of Flamingos and bunnies kept my gaze...
All Saints, Chain store - These shops are dotted through put London and the same display is in every window, with antique sewing machines floor to ceiling in every window. Now it is regimented, but it makes you stop and look to see if they are real and wonder how they collected all these and how long it must have taken AND it is repeated in every store.
Moosh - Fulham - This shot is taken inside and I couldn't wait to get in. A juice bar in the middle of Fulham with no park to be seen, so they created their very own with fake grass, trees and even a 70's mural of woodlands.
Osbourne & Little, Kings Rd - Wholesalers of fabrics and wallpapers but instead of blurting rolls of fabrics making it obvious, they have taken to the Christmas Spirit with Rudolph as their spokesperson!
Vive La Rose, Princes Arcade- I have seen many flower shops that look like this but it caught my eye as it was in a tiny arcade amongst shops that were awash with bright colours, lights and 'bling' . The simple beauty of this display lead me inside for some quiet respite.

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