Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I am back on the crazy whirlwind of traveling around the country with my clients and for the filming of Series 5 (can you believe it!) of Selling Houses Australia.
What comes with that is not only long hours of sitting on your behind in taxis, cars, and planes but trying to eat well the whole day.  Trouble is I am gluten free and no red meat and they are challenges of their own.  So today I had the wonderful pleasure of cooking myself a gourmet breakfast at home.  I did have to get up at 5.30am and do 3hrs of work first but this way a very nice reward.

Do you start your day properly or do you struggle to keep a healthy diet with your work hours.  Would love to hear how you 'eat at the office' whether it is at home, at a work office or on the run.  Any tips for us to share would be great.
One of my tips is I take a small glad bag of protein powder to put in a glass of water for between meals while I am on the run.  It doesnt fill me (as I love to eat rather than drink my food) but it takes the edge off the hunger till I can get a proper meal.  And of course have a couple of pieces of fruit and a water bottle handy.  Your tips??


  1. Rice cakes! With some handy toppings (carried separately or the rice cakes go soggy) like an avo, peanut butter, philly cheese (if there is a fridge where I am), tomato ... whatever you like. Good luck with SHA5 - love the series - you do an amazing job!

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