Sunday, June 27, 2010


A large expansive view from the main living areas of your home, or a view from your bedroom window not only adds value to your home but is like 'living artwork' captured from your window.
As our house blocks are getting smaller and houses are built closer to the fence line, the possibility of those magical views are becoming less and less of a reality.
We are living more and more with small courtyards in our homes, and balconies in our apartments are a valued commodity. Less space though, doesn't mean you have to compromise on the 'green' in your view. The solution to the smallest space of problems is:Vertical Gardening
Vertical Gardening can be used to screen an ugly wall, give privacy from prying neighbours and even feed the family with a hanging garden for vegetables and herbs.
These V-shaped wall planters (above) from H2O Designs are lightweight and can be easily installed in most situations. They are made from an expanded polystyrene with a cement render coating, so it is easy to hang and wont put stress on your walls all while looking solid. A standard size 3-tier screen of 1.5m by 1m only stepps out 300mm from its wall frame, which means it is no deeper than your average pot plant. You can get larger sizes with more tiers or stack a row of them along the wall. The screens also come as a freestanding unit, which gives flexibility in small courtyards, and if you are renting you can bring your garden with you and take it when you leave!

Water tanks are a necessity in our gardens of today but looking out at the robust structures from you kitchen window can tend to be an eye-sore. Again, creating a vertical garden is the perfect solution. If you are looking for a DIY project for the weekend this screen is made from packing pallets perfect.
You will need to first build a basic frame to mount the pallets then run a plane over any areas that look like they may splinter or pierce the plants. Create a base in the rungs to support the plants and paint. You can line the troughs with a weed mat liner, a small layer of moss and follow with potting mix. If you can find pots small enough to fit, it will be an even easier way to fill the wall with green. Succulents are very suitable as they don't require a great deal of space for their root system and are low maintenance.
To complete the picture perfect view, all you need is an outdoor setting, an umbrella and a few quiet drinks with friends!


The night of nights for Foxtel/Austar, the 8th ASTRA AWARDS, was held on Thursday night at the State Theatre in Sydney. What a fantastic night, but made even more fantastic that Selling Houses Australia cleaned up in the awards! Not only that, The LifeStyle Channel was voted Channel of the Year. These awards are industry and viewer voted and to win in both categories is mind blowing!
Thank you to everyone who voted and who watches our show. We are the highest rating show on The LifeStyle Channel and now the most popular! (sorry, I am so proud but please allow me to blow my trumpet a little!!)
Now a night like this means you have to have the right outfit! I was lucky to have to the wonderful Sophie Hart styling me who dressed me in a black silk dress by Jayson Brunsdon and stunning Jewelery from Jan Logan My 'sky-high' shoes were from Peeptoe shoes
Picture of us from the red carpet!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The joy of keeping the office filled with books you never read but never have to part with them!
Will the soil make it turn to compost though?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My love of Black & White comes with it's draw backs. DUST!!!!!! I have Black & White in my interiors, I wear ALOT of black, I have a Black & White Border Collie. With all the dust and dog hair invading my life I wish I had the need to be more like a 50's housewife and have time to clean my surfaces on an everyday basis. I will not give up my Black & White, or my dog for that matter so dust will remain my mortal enemy till a Fairy godmother appears daily with an Enyo mit!

Our Beautiful dog - CoCo (and yes, named after you know who!)
If I could get away dusting dressed like Audrey I might be coaxed

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